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Nick Bergen is a composer, sound mixer, and producer working in film & television.  He has composed music for hundreds of corporate and commercial pieces, viewed domestically and internationally, as well as several short and feature length films.  His scoring skills cross a wide variety of musical styles, genres, world regions, and time periods.  He enjoys integrating his enthusiasm for other cultures and history with his love of music.  His desire is to create a truly unique and character driven soundtrack that is appropriate for each project's creative and financial needs.

In 2013, Nick completed the music and sound mix for Stray, a feature film exploring the lives of homeless kids in America.  In scoring the music for the film, he implemented unique instrumentation such as glass bottles and bowls, metal racks, plastic water dispensers, slate rocks, Tibetan singing & meditation bowls, wooden rattan sticks, and many more instruments, creating an urban asphalt jungle motif supported by a string ensemble along with pianos, zithers, and Wurlitzer keyboards.  The post sound work included Foley and sound effects, extensive dialogue restoration, ADR, re-recording mixing, and dubbing mixing.

In 2014, Nick was involved with producing The Perils of Posting, a dark comedy feature film about young movie makers who share too much personal information through social media.  The film was shot using the Red Scarlet-X with Zeiss Prime lenses.  Additional footage was gathered using Canon 5D and 7D cameras.  He was not only responsible for producing all production operations, including sound direction and recording, but also all aspects of post-production. 

Throughout 2015, Nick has worked endlessly on the post-production for The Perils of Posting, including the film edit, visual effects, color correction, sound mix (including Foley and sound effects, dialogue mix, re-recording mix, and the dubbing mix), as well as composed the music for the film (including performing, recording, and mixing the music).  The score for this film is a combination of comedic and horror elements.  Much of the score is jazz based, utilizing instruments such as saxophones, trumpets, trombones, upright bass, drums, guitar, piano, and vibes, supported by tension filled strings.  Throughout the film, various Latin dance grooves, such as the Bossa Nova, Samba, Cha Cha Cha, and Mambo are associated with various characters.  This gives the film's music a unique blend of jazz swing, Latin jazz, and traditional orchestration.

Up next in 2016, Nick will be producing and composing a supernatural comedy feature film, as well as developing other film projects, and scoring the music to many more corporate and commercial pieces.