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  1. Nick Bergen can provides complete music packages for a large variety of projects, each with it’s own unique budget and creative potential.  Services include:

  1. Communication is key: we will strive for an environment in which producers & directors feel at ease conveying their ideas and hearing their creative vision come to life

  1. Music that moves your story forward, hits all the right story beats, & is appropriate for the project

  1. Various Packages to suit your budget

  1. Music for such media as Films, Games, Broadcast TV (Documentaries & Reality TV), Commercials, etc.

  1. Music for various Genres (Action & Adventure, Horror & Suspense, Comedy, Romance,etc.)

  1. Music for various Historical Periods (Medieval Europe, Ancient Egypt, the Ottoman Empire, etc.)

  1. Music of various Ethnicities (China, Ghana, Iran, etc.)

  1. Various Musical Styles (Jazz, Traditional Orchestra, Alt Rock, Experimental, etc.)

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